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We focus on the design and production of fashion accessories that help fix everyday fashion issues. As conscientious engineers, we believe in finding smart and innovative solutions for everyday problems and sharing these solutions with the public. The combination of regularly occurring seasonal and prolonged forest fires, air pollution, dust and the introduction and rapid spread of recurring seasonal and novel airborne diseases have raised global health and safety concerns and a need for effective, practical, and environmentally responsible protective solutions against dangerous airborne particulates. Relying on years of design and manufacturing experience and our previously successful products, we’ve brought you the Slick Gaiter, a versatile neck gaiter with an integrated filtration system. Our mission is to get Slick Gaiters to as many people’s hands as possible around the world, and provide everyone with a practical, high quality, and effective neck and face cover that is also stylish and easy to use. We design products we want to use ourselves everyday and therefore put extreme care on our product’s user experience and comfort; the Slick Gaiter is no exception!

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